Monday, 24 May 2010

Top of the Shop

If you like weasel astronauts, throwing the V at little dogs, and voluptuous ladies with cat tattoos, then Mr Bingo is your man.

As well as being a genuinely nice chap, Mr Bingo is a brilliant illustrator, who has produced work for the likes of Esquire, Wired and even Microsoft. Humour and kooky line drawings are his sought-after trademarks, both of which won him plenty of admirers at Somerset House's recent illustration fair Pick Me Up.

Bingo has just launched his own online print shop, so you too can own a chick with a dick. Check it out here.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Probably the best use of QR codes that I've seen so far. Berlin-based artist Sweza captures graffiti with his camera then once the work is buffed, puts a QR code where the piece once was. Passers-by can then use a QR reader on their iPhone to take a picture of the code which will link to images of the original graffiti.

The internet is changing the permanence of graffiti and creating an online palimpsest of the streets we live in. As Sweza's QR code gets buffed another work might be written in its place, then another code, ad infinitum.

Take a look at Sweza at work below.