Thursday, 5 February 2009

On the Sly

The first issue of Suit Yourself's On the Sly monthly online mag has just been uploaded, much to the delight of paper cut victims everywhere. Flick through its ethereal pages here.


Culture Horse said...


Bitch we need to talk Twitter. What up? What the fuck's it for? It's ridiculous. I'm on it but I don't get it. Aren't I supposed to blog about being a technowhizzkid, inventing Web 3.0, meedjaa etc etc.... Help me, I've got my knickers in a Twistt. x

Laura Snoad said...

I agree. People that try and sell it as the new mode of citizen journalism puzzle me. My problem is that I see it to much as your 'status' on facebook. Kids that try and make serious comment using their facebook status immediately get my back up. You can come up with a reactionary one liner without having to defend your position. I think twitter is slightly less annoying, but I'm still not sure that I want to know about thoughts that haven't been thought through, finessed and carefully crafted into a fine argument. I'm probably missing the point. We need a twitter fan to show us the light.