Thursday, 24 July 2008

Dirty Secrets @ Lattitude

The BAD IDEA team donned our wellies and bravest countenances for Suffolk’s Latitude festival last weekend. Sun-worshiping, band-stalking and boozing aside, we were there to produce a confessional magazine for the festival’s ne’er-do-well writers. The Printing Press pumped out six issues over the weekend, filled with the kookiest, crudest, and funniest confessions that were scribed. We didn't offer advice or absolution, just bloody hilarious reading matter!

As far as the punters are concerned, the Printing Press works like this. They place their writing in the machine’s IN tray, a speedy hand snatches it away, and a few hours later, their dirty secrets are published in the zine, which they lovingly collect from the OUT tray. Little do they know (ha ha!) that behind the scenes were a team of chain-smoking, sleep-deprived editors, a laptop, a photocopier and a giant stapler. As the cogs of the press turned, we swiftly selected the choicest submissions, edited them up, laid them out, and then printed and bound the magazine.

The rag’s reception was phenomenal. Contributors came back every couple of hours to check our progress and when a new issue came off the press (often hours late!), we had to do our best to prevent a small scale riot.

Bad Idea’s photo maestro Sebastian Meyer captured the magic of the press in these snaps. Check out more of his amazing work here:

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