Thursday, 3 July 2008


Ellie and I ventured into deepest, darkest Broadmead last Saturday night to witness the launch the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology. The book is a collection of the top twenty submissions from the Prize's first year. The winning story, 'The River' is a moving account of the relationship between a granddaughter, her grandfather and the third party in their lives, the nearby river. Here's what Rebecca had to say about receiving the prize.

"The whole experience was terrific. Someone told me I did a double-take when my name was called out. I felt as if I was a character inside one of my own stories. Or, as if I was in one of those dreams we sometimes have that make us feel comfortable and at peace when we wake up in the morning. And I had the chance to see my daughter’s face in the crowd, all aglow and smiling, and that was very special to me.

Because I love teaching creative writing, and because Bristol is full of creative people, I’m hoping that more people who want to write, but just need a hand to get started, will join my course and begin their own journey into fiction writing."

Congratulations to Rebecca and to the lovely Joe Melia, the champion behind this literary adventure. To read my interview with Joe click here.

(Unfortunately Ellie and I drank too many glasses of free wine and arrived at Mother's Ruin ruined.)

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