Friday, 27 June 2008

Jamaica Street Open Studio

Hand-painted monsters chasing punters into the open studio.

This post is seriously behind the times but I feel the open studio was far too good to neglect on account of laziness. On Friday the thirteenth I nipped down the road to the Jamaica Street Artists' open studio. Wandering through the rabbit warren of art-packed rooms felt like traveling into a hidden, magical world. Some really superb artist work away in this unobtrusive building. Here are three of my favourite:

I'd seen Chris' posters around Bristol for months so it was great to finally meet the hand behind the pen, so to speak. He's working on some wonderful children's books that document what actually goes on underneath tortoise's shells.

I fell whole-heartedly in love with Sophie Woodrow's ceramic creatures. So much so that I was seriously considering blowing £240 of my overdraft on a bearded monkey/bear.

I love Bjorn Lie's characterization and wacky ideas. There's something really retro about his colours. This one has made me reconsider piscine head gear.

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