Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Them Lot in Epigram

The article I crafted from my interview with James Bourne (of Them Lot) was published in Epigram this week. To read it and other journalistic forays by Bristol University students visit the Epigram website.

Bourne's enlightening and witty reflections on his work and membership of Them Lot made writing this piece easy work. I hope it encouraged hoards of people to descend on the Here Shop, as the exhibition was fresh, thought-provoking and really amusing. I think the beauty of Them Lot is their marriage between the familiar and the new. Their work is presented in such an everyday manner (some painted on the back of envelopes and scribbled on walls) that one feels a sense of closeness, "I know these objects, I could belong to this." And yet each artist's view of the world is so novel and bizarre that each piece feels like a journey into a very personal and magical imaginative nook.

To keep up to date with Them Lot check out www.themlot.co.uk

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